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You may not have control over this Jon but I've noticed that there seem to be two different types of snippets in previous editions and other manning books for that matter. One type is done with text and the other is an image. Both are fine in print or PDF but when reading your book on kindle, the code snippets that are text get adjusted as with the other text in the book, however the ones that are images come out very tiny on kindle versions. So small that they are illegible. Sometimes I can touch the image and have it zoom slightly, but more often than not, I just can't view it and have to refer to the print or pdf version of the book.
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My guess is that the image ones are ones where there are annotations. I'll pass this comment on, thanks.
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This is an issue that our production team is aware of, and they are working on the solution.

Richard Wattenbarger, Development Editor
Manning Publications