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In the preface there is a mention of the 3rd edition being included in the purchase of the 4th. Is that available yet or will that only be available when the book is completed?
jon.skeet (483) [Avatar] Offline
Good question - I'm not sure about that. I'll ask my editor and get back to you.
Jim Borden (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, I'm looking forward to this book, and retroactively reading the last one. I've been involved in development with C# in one way or another since 2007 or so and am always on the lookout for supplemental reading material about it, and .NET in general! It's a bonus when I actually know who the author is (not in real life, but on stack overflow that is).
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I too would like to know about this. I sent a message to Manning support the other day, but have not yet received a reply.
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The previous edition is supposed to be automatically comped to you when you purchase the revised edition. Our technical team is investigating the bug. We'll make sure that anyone who purchased the Fourth Edition MEAP and is missing the license for the Third Edition eBook gets it added to their account. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for reporting the issue to us.
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Received reply from Manning really quick after submitting question about this.
3rd edition was added to my account as well.

Top support from Manning.
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Same problem here.
90871 (28) [Avatar] Offline
I still do not see the Third Edition in my account.

467303 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Still no 3 edition smilie
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Same problem.

467303 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks to Manning support. I got 3ed book ! smilie
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3rd Edition has been added to my account!