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Chapter 8.5 would be easier to comprehend if Subject (described later in 10.5.1) was introduced right after 8.5. Without Subject details publish/connect are mysterious. Reading about Subject implementation clarifies a lot.

I also wish Replay/BehaviorSubject were actually described. Currently they are only pictured.

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Thanks for your comment. The decision to push Subjects as far back into the book as possible as well as to avoid going to in depth in the topic of Subjects was not an easy one for sure. In the end what won out was the fact that since this is an "* In Action" book diving into implementation details about Subjects would be overkill for most readers. Subjects are mostly an implementation detail and for beginners are almost always an anti-pattern, thus it made since to minimize their use and leave further exploration up to the read.

There are some practical use cases for using explicit Subject, however we decided to avoid getting too "into the weeds" where possible.

For a more in depth discussion I would also suggest reading Ben Lesh's excellent article on Subjects (https://medium.com/@benlesh/on-the-subject-of-subjects-in-rxjs-2b08b7198b93#.jba6wtm8d).