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Once again, in Chapter 2, I really liked your way of explaining the operation of ASP.Net Core and the basic flow through its component parts. I haven’t found this clarity in other books – especially for my modest skill level.

Of course the obvious suggestion is to quickly update to VS2017 – which will make your book greatly superior to many other Core books currently available. I think the update process will be fairly trivial as your discussion of program.cs, startup.cs and Controller-View haven’t changed in VS2017 – I was looking at a 17 project as I read the chapter and nothing was out of sync other than a few screen shots.

Obliviously, project.json has been replaced with cs.proj but you (wisely) didn’t get into that subject in Ch2 – it just shows project.json and web.config (which is also gone in 17) in the screenshot. You did mention dotnet restore and maybe that needs to be revisited in an update also.

I really liked the pipeline explanation. Although I was vaguely aware of this concept, I really didn’t understand how it worked in Startup.cs. The whole middleware idea is much clearer now.

So, looking forward to new chapters as you roll them out!
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I just bought your book after reading the sample. I love the diagrams in chapter 1. It is the first time I got a clear understanding of the reverse proxy and Kestrel relationship. Very well written, and now I am following chapter 2.
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Hi, the only difference between services and middleware is that middleware will be used on http pipeline?