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Please post errors found in the published version of Type-Driven Development with Idris here. If necessary, we'll publish a comprehensive list. Thank you!

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It's a minor one, but on the page 49, the first line of the output of the :doc repl is truncated.
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Page 67, under 4 Type:
words is a vector of kStrings
should be words is a vector of k Strings.
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Page 249, above the Listing 9.6:
elem follows a structure similar to decElem

should be

elem follows a structure similar to isElem
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Page 256 mentions guess function (twice) but there is no function with this name in this section! Probably, it was meant to be game or processGuess (I think this paragraph is actually talking about both of them).
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Page 287,
For both showItems and filterKeys
should be

For both listItems and filterKeys

Also on the same page
implementations of showItems and filterKeys
should be

implementations of listItems and filterKeys
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Exercise 3 on page 305 should be exercise 5.
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Chapter 15, Figure 15.1 caption
if lines A and C are executed before lines C and D.

should be

if lines A and C are executed before lines B and D.
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Page 410, Listing 15.5.
printLn "Send failed"

should be

printLn "Receive failed"
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This is a small bug in the doCount function on page 430, Listing 15.19
mkWCData lcount wcount

should be

mkWCData wcount lcount

This results in the wrong doCount output on the same page:
MkWCData 2 3 : WCData

should be

MkWCData 3 2 : WCData

as well as incorrect output of the whole word-counting example on the page 433:

Words: 4
Lines: 7

should be

Words: 7
Lines: 4
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P.65, paragraph just before 'Overloading names' has typo in
of :: and Nil : 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: Nil
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P. 354, Listing 13-1
data DoorCmd : Type where
should be
data DoorCmd : Type -> Type where