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Scope: Chapter 1, 2-2.3.1

General suggestions
General: the table of contents should show the sub-sections and page number per chapter
Browser dev tools for react e.g. chrome "Figure 2.10 Your first component, under the hood. Modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox have developer tools that will let you examine your source code, run analysis, debug JavaScript, and so much more. If you haven’t already, it’s important you become familiar with a few browser developer tools." Suggest per browser extensions for react to add an annex on how to get and use these.

code C2 sect 2.2.1 var mountTarget = document.getElementById('ourFirstApp'); line is duplicated unnecessarily

PDF version MEAP V05 typos:
typo C1 sect 1.2 pg 6: Worst of all, it could mean that coding would <be> anything be fun, enjoyable, or exciting.
typo C1 sect 1.3.2 pg 7: There’s a good amount of overlap, but React doesn’t take on as much as the <other> do
reword C1 sect 1.3.2 pg 7: It’s difficult to pin down an exact set of differences between these, but at least <one> is in how much a framework does compared to how much a library does <suggest: ...but at least one difference... is in how>
typo C1 sect 1.3.2 pg 7: A good example of a more comprehensive <tools> is the Angular framework
typo C1 sect 1.6 This means that it’s <missing a> much more trivial matter to integrate it
typo C1 sect 1.7 React can be relatively easy for on boarding developers to learn: <should be "onboarding">
typo C2 sect 2.1: If we look back at back at figure 1.1
space C2 sect 2.1.1: (or component,in our case)should have a single responsibility
typo C2 sect 2.1.1: Let’s say that there is a module in a program that display name our company
typo C2 sect 2.2: For now, won’t need to use node.js
typo C2 sect 2.2: React-domis a smaller library that
space C2 sect 2.2: so far.For each listing
space C2 sect 2.2.1: earlier).Formally
space C2 sect 2.2.1: You might be thinking “ok…?”That’s ok
typo C2 sect 2.2.1: might help you visualize the some of the similarities
space C2 sect 2.2.2: (see below for an example).Notice
space C2 sect 2.2.2: Figure 2.8shows
"In listing 2.5", : should be 2.4
space C2 fig 2.1.1: children... to evaluate
typo C2 sect 2.3 is just one of those methods <mising full stop/period>
space C2 sect 2.3.1: ReactClasses also give you state(data)
typo C2 sect 2.3.1: the mutable state of a backing instances
typo C2 sect 2.3.1: you’ll use state and props to manage, funnel information within your React application <suggest manage and funnel>

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Thanks — will take these into account! smilie