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Please list errors found in Anyone Can Create An App here. We'll publish a comprehensive list, if necessary. Thank you!

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Figure 4.4 on page 34 displays the Utilities panel in File Inspector mode when it should be in Quick Help Inspector mode.
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Thanks for a very helpful book Wendy. I worked through the examples up to Chapter 22 without any problems, but now I can go further. I think the problem is in the delegates that I setup. When I click on the Done button on the AddEditViewController page I get the following message: "2017-07-23 19:20:59.265434-0700 LioN[800:231502] -[LioN.AddEditViewController doneClick]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x155e29ba0". The program has stopped in the AppDelegate class.

I went back over the chapter and it looks like I typed everything in ok. I even downloaded the AddEditViewController source from your site and used that and still get the error. Any suggestions?