Rory McCune (4) [Avatar] Offline
Working through the examples, the command on P81

kubectl describe po kubia-dmdck | grep Labels
Labels: app=kubia,type=special

doesn't work with Kubernetes 1.5 as the new label goes on a different line, so if you grep for it, the new label isn't returned.

rorym@kube15-node1:~$ kubectl describe po kubia-14ks8
Name:           kubia-14ks8
Namespace:      default
Node:           kube15-node3/
Start Time:     Fri, 10 Mar 2017 18:15:58 +0000
Labels:         app=kubia

Marko Lukša (68) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for pointing this out. I'll fix it ASAP. I've been planning on going over all the examples again and making sure they still work as described, but having someone point out errors like this makes the process much easier.