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Hi Guys smilie

I'm reading this book on kindle and the code examples (the ones with the arrow explanations, rendered as images) and the images are very much not readable. The text is way to small and the contrast is lacking. Here's an image demonstrating this issue:


The problem persists on Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle for Android on OnePlus 3. This is the final version file, not the MEAP. Makes it impossible to read pretty much.

When can we expect an updated MOBI that resolves this issue?

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This is final version of the book. In final book listings are converted to images if annotations are included.
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Thanks very much for the reply.

As a customer who pays Manning the money, I'm not really interested in the process they have for publishing the Kindle versions of their books.


At this point the Kindle version of this book (and possibly all others, if same process applies) is unreadable and we should stay away until Manning fixes it smilie