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I would move the explanation of microservice diagramming to a separate chapter or appendix rather than explaining it midway through chapter 2. I found this distracting, and by the time I finished learning how to read the diagram, I had already forgotten what it was supposed to represent.
Richard Rodger (27) [Avatar] Offline
I make significant use of the diagrams later, so they do need to be introduced.

An appendix would be useful though - might be better as an online resource - that's another TODO!
shawnlauzon (8) [Avatar] Offline
I agree with the OP, that there should just be a reference to the diagram explanation in the appendix. They do need to be introduced, but a link to the appendix should be sufficient. Another reason is to make it simple to find the diagram explanation later, if I forget what the hexagrams represent.
Richard Rodger (27) [Avatar] Offline
I am reviewing the early chapters at present so will bear this in mind. I'm not inclined to go in this direction, but I will consider it smilie