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Why are the chapters so long? If microservices should be highly focused and constrained to 100 lines of code, chapters should be the same. 10-15 pages of text would be ideal, maybe 20 with diagrams, but that is a stretch. If you have several related topics, group the chapters into sections.

Why is this important? I found myself drifting quite bit while reading the current manuscript, and I think the reason is because there are a lot of topics intermixed together in each chapter. This has the unfortunate side effect of causing a mental context switch without providing an easy stopping point if the reader is not prepared to make that switch. Smaller chapters should alleviate this problem, and they provide a built in mechanism via the index to navigate back to the exact place where a reader is likely to stop.
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Maybe for the next book smilie

You've given me a perfect example of technical debt btw!