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luchsamapparat (1) [Avatar] Offline

Right now I'm working through chapter 2. Here are some remarks, observations, suggestions smilie

- the current version of angular-cli (1.0.0-beta.32.3) prefixes all component selectors/elements with "app" by default: <app-summary>, <app-dashboard>, etc.
- also, angular-cli now automatically creates directory (e.g. when executing "ng generate component components/summary"), so you can drop the hint and "mkdir ..."
- when creating the summary component and the component dashboard component, the CLI calls provided by the text use different directories and in case of "summary" an invalid command ("create"):

ng create component components/summary

ng generate component component/dashboard

- in Listing 2.6, a <div> element within a <span> is invalid HTML; also I see no reason why the span is even there?
- also in Listing 2.6, the inline CSS styles of "h4" (color, margin) and "div.stock-card" (width) should be moved to the CSS file; it is bad practice and shouldn't be in a book that is supposed to teach newcomers how to code properly
- in Listing 2.7, why is the "stock" property typed as "any" instead of "StockInterface"?
- in Listing 2.8, the ":host" selector is not neccessary anymore as component styles are scoped automatically (see

Also, I would suggest to improve variable naming in some places. Newcomers should learn early that precise naming is important and I often see that introductory resources often fail to convey this to their readers:

- in Listing 2.5, "serviceUrl" instead of "service", "stockSymbols" instead of "stocks"
- in Listing 2.9 and 2.10, "stocksService" instead of the too generic "service"

Thanks for the renewed effort to finish this book!
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the detailed feedback, and it should be noted that the original draft of this chapter and example was written long before the CLI even existed! You've pointed out a few things that I'll certainly address soon. I'll take it line by line when I'm ready to revisit chapter 2 soon.

I need to get all of the examples update to the latest CLI, but as you can imagine that takes time while I'm trying to write new content! I greatly appreciate these notes, and keep it coming!
thomasm (2) [Avatar] Offline
Page 39 / Chapter 2.7

ng generate component component/dashboard is missing an s in the path
should be:
ng generate component components/dashboard

Listing 2.10

Variable subscription is missing:

subscription: any;
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, will be updated!
476453 (4) [Avatar] Offline
There is still no "subsriptions: any" in the 2.10 listing (6 month past). It fails to build without it. Also it is not very clear to me why should I use explicit any when I can just omit the property assignment, leaving the subscribe call only.
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
This might be due to some changes in the way the CLI has configured TypeScript to compile or TSLint to validate code. I had recently rebuilt all of the examples for Angular 5, so this should be better.