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nekperu15739 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Is there any chance to modify the chapter 6 using custom Tracking and use Spring Cloud Sleuth instead.
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Neru (forgive me if that is not your name. I am just guessing off your user id),

This is John Carnell. Your question has perfect timing. I have been heads down finishing the book so I have been a slacker in posting to the forums.
I actually added a chapter on Spring Cloud Sleuth (chapter 9). I literally finished it and sent it off to my editor on Tuesday.

I covered the following topics in the chapter:

1. How to add Spring Cloud Sleuth to your project and use it to generate correlation ids.
2. How to use Zuul to inject the trace id back on the HTTP response. You can do it without Zuul, buts its painful.
3. How to ingest Spring logs into a log aggregation platform like Papertrail and then use Papertrail to query for the trace ids.
4. I used a docker/logspout container to push the logs over to papertrail.
5. How to integrate Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin to visual tracing.
6. I go through how use Zipkin to breakdown and trace transaction data
7. I finally wrap it up with some examples of how to use custom spans to capture responses times out to Redis and the database server.

I originally put the correlation id examples in Chapter 6 as a relatively simple example of how to build a Zuul "Pre" filter. Usually in the a "pre" filter you are manipulating the HTTP headers or terminating the response (for security, rate limiting, or a policy violation) I am going to keep the material, but add a call out in the beginning of Chapter 6 to let readers know that Spring Cloud offers a toolset for correlation ids and tracing.

Anyways. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate you taking the time to post because you and the readers have helped make this a much better book.

nekperu15739 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Hi John, thank you for the answer, i really appreciate it. I will be anxious to read it. and for the end my name is Charly, nekperu15739 is a nick.
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Charly,

Sounds great.

- John