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I'm at the chapter 2 and found that the missing part is step by step instruction to create project. Also, I download the project from thread, and it's failing to run. Project is divided into various parts but no explanation why it was placed into particular folder.

Basically we need step by step walk through instruction so reader can try and see the material in action.

Ashwin Patel
Jon P Smith (40) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Ashwin,

I'm really sorry about that. Here is what I can do now:

1. Here is a [link to the EF Core documentation]( which tells you how to set up a EF Core project.

2. I have added a file to the Git repo which explains the [structure of the code]( to the master branch, which should be visible if you go to the Git repo Have a look at that and see if it helps. I point out if you want a simple program to look at then select the Chapter01 branch and look a MyFirstEfCoreApp.

3. If you are having problems with the application then please post an issue on the [EfCoreInAction Issues page](, with the stack trace or compile error and I will have a look and get back to you.

Kind regards
Jon P Smith - Author
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Hi John

Thanks for reply ...

Most of the book does below:

1) Present the concept.

2) Give reader step by step walk through for practical implementation of the concept with examples backed by book. This way reader can see that concept in action and understands easily.

For example create book database, add test data, add controller/view to see data. Go over all types of queries and techniques you discuss in chapter 2 etc. I like the idea of creating service layer.

Ashwin Patel.