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Hi, posting here a question we got via email:


I'm from Costa Rica, I'm very interest about WoT and I love your book. Can you help me with a couple of questions?

1) Are there any comercial product or any production project that follows WoT philosophy?

2) What do you think is important to consider when you are integrating an WoT architecture to a house?

Thanks, and great job!!!

1. We the WoT began, very few products were following the philosophy of offering an open web API. However, the world has moved on quite a bit and you find a number of products these days that somewhat follow this philosophy.

For a few examples have a look at the LIFX API:, the NEST API: or the SmartThings API:

Similarly, at EVRYTHNG all the devices of our customers (e.g., iHome, Gooee), get a Web API either locally or via a cloud gateway:

2) That's a broad question but I would say that you should consider ease of use, stability and security. You want your house to work seamlessly, you don't want to have to restart devices over and over again. Similarly, you don't want to expose your house so make sure you follow the chapter on security (9) and implement good Web security for your devices (keys, TLS, certificates, etc.)
On the more tactical points: make sure you have a good WiFi router (I moved to the Google Wifi router and I must say this one is great at handling 100s of devices:

Hope that helps,