Crahun (39) [Avatar] Offline
Seems stable and the definitive file, included now in Visual Studio 2017. Are you going the rewrite the examples to use this new project file?
Sincerely I will always prefer the project.json, but it's my opinion.
carlosaortiz (28) [Avatar] Offline
The way Microsoft wants to put CSPROJ back for .NET Core has to do to tooling alignment, as the author has pointed why Microsoft is putting back CSPROJ for .NET Core projects.

I also like the JSON format
Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, I will be rewriting all the examples. It also means rewriting chapter 3 to cover msbuild. I'm not enthused about replacing "{" with "<somelongtagname>". I totally understand why they made the choice to move to msbuild. But I think they should extend msbuild to support JSON as well as XML.
carlosaortiz (28) [Avatar] Offline
I totally agree with Dustin. Microsoft msbuild should support both XML and JSON (I prefer JSON, it is mmore clean and affordable), right.
Winson (30) [Avatar] Offline
I totally agree that JSON is more clean and affordable.

The material discussed in Chapter 4 is also not applicable to latest version of dotnet core

Will you also discuss dotnet standard library v2.0 and the difference between v1.6 and v2.0?
Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
I hope you mean chapter 3 is not applicable and not chapter 4. I'm rewriting chapter 3 to intro msbuild. I've struggled with msbuild for a long time and I think because it's mostly an afterthought.

Most of the coverage of differences between .NET Core and .NET Standard versions is covered in appendices.
Allan D. (1) [Avatar] Offline
Chapter 4 will definitely be impacted since it starts off creating the project from scratch using the json file format. Having read it and comparing it to guides like this one, I can say that the instructions in the chapter 4 are more confusing.
Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
I'm in the process of updating all the chapters for the latest .NET Core tooling. Hopefully it all goes out with the next early access update.