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I purchased this meap in Dec - 2016 and at that time the completion date for this meap was March 2017.

Its now half of February - 2017 and this meap is still only half completed.

Just wanted to check by when will this book be completed i.e. by which month?

Thanks in advance,
vibhor sood
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I co ask this question. Please provide an answer, so that we can plan our lives for it. Some of us are here to acquire the knowledge with some timing.
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Hmm, I just bought this book too, but I should have seen that it's been delayed already A LOT.
Maybe it's not going to be reliably finished after all?
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The author is too busy on Twitter tweeting all the time. I feel cheated. Bought in Nov 2016.
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I bought this book in October 2016, which appears to be earlier than the others posting here so I can make a few more observations. It's first posting seems have been in October which stated the book was due Spring 2017 (estimated). Now an estimate can change. The definition of estimate is "roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of." The book was started in August 2016. So following through my dropbox where I have every iteration saved it appears in January/February it jumped from Spring to Early 2018. So it's been 2018 for quite a while. The big thing here is books take time.

While the information in this book may be a science, writing is not. It takes time. The "Grokking" series from Manning is designed to make a subject understandable at as high a level as possible. It is supposed to be understandable by people with very little experience with the topic. Deep Learning is a very complex subject.

From the first chapter of the book, under the section "Why you should read this book"
Uniquely low barrier to entry
The reason you should read this book is the same reason I'm writing it. I don't know of
another resource (book, course, large blog series) that teaches Deep Learning without
assuming advanced knowledge of mathematics (i.e. college degree in a mathy field).

Accomplishing that is an art form. Having taught a number of people that have had no programming knowledge and very little math knowledge the basics of computer logic in a way that they can understand it, I know exactly what it takes to accomplish this. And getting a format that works takes time. Clearly the book is being worked on. I've got 7 different versions of it saved.

Most people that write books of this sort are not full time authors. They work somewhere else in the tech field AND are writing the book. So if someone works a normal full time job that's 40 hours. Now if that's a salaried job they're probably working more like 50-60 hours a week. SO there are 168 hours a week. We'll say he's worked 50 at his day job. that's now 118 left. Well we need sleep, 8 hours is standard there's another 56 hours that week. So that's 62 hours left. Assuming he spends roughly 2 hours a day eating (and things that are part of that like driving to a restaurant or preparing the food) that's another 14 hours gone. We're at 48 hours left in the week. Lets say one weekend day he takes off from work just to recover from the week, that's 14 hours (24 - 8 hours sleep and 2 hours food). We're now at 34 hours left for himself AND the book. OK so if he does nothing else he could work a little over 5 hours a day on the book. But really that's unrealistic. That would be doing nothing but working, eating, and sleeping every day except for a single day off (and most people take 2 of those). So lets say he shoots for 3 hours a day on the book, that's 18 more hours. So that leaves 16 hours left during the week to do things that are not eating/sleep/working. Being an active member of the tech world he probably spends 30 minutes a day keeping updated on what's going on, especially on subjects that truly interest him (I'd guess Deep Learning is one of those). So there's another 3 hours. 13 hours left. To have a life outside of working. People need their time, or they burn out and then no one ever gets the final book.

Now that's just his personal time. The book also has to be edited and fact checked. The code needs to be tested. Any changes then need to go back through the same process. Now there are probably also alpha readers (the people that see the book before us) that offer suggestions that could lead to re-writing sections. Which then leads back to editing and testing.

So after all that, the thing I'm trying to say is ... the publication date they give is an ESTIMATE. It takes time. Those working on the book are human which means they can't be controlled by a timer or a program. Things happen. After all that time calculation I did I'm sure there are a couple weeks of vacation in there. Sometimes you can be stuck waiting for responses from others and that can take more time. Sometimes there are disasters at your day job where you have to put all your attention to that and suddenly your 40 hours (saying 50 early really also accounted for commuting) can become 80. Books take time, expecting something like this in less than a year is kinda crazy (we've just passed the 1 year mark of when the book began being worked on). Manning has great products and I know they want to keep it that way, even if it takes a little longer to get something to the printer. There is still a lot that can be learned in the 9 chapters available and really you can't expect to learn a subject like Deep Learning from a single source anyways so read this book, read other books, make helpful suggestions on the forum. Most of all, don't freak out over release dates and try to enjoy what you're learning (and if you can't do that last part ... why are you even bothering to learn it?).
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Just noticed that the publication date has changed from Early 2018 to December 2017. Hopefully new chapters will be released soon.
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447276 wrote:Just noticed that the publication date has changed from Early 2018 to December 2017. Hopefully new chapters will be released soon.

aaaaand it got updated. smilie