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I'm sorry, this might be a bad question. But I followed the installation guide for starting the server for Moviegeeks website. Up until where the book says you have to put ".prs" into the root directory. Where exactly do I put it? I'm on windows 10 if that helps.
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There is no such thing as a bad question smilie

Let me see if I can give a good answer then:

The .prs file should be place in the directory called moviegeek.

Hope that works, otherwise let me know.
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I'm getting another error. So I used notepad and inside of it, I put this { "themoviedb_apikey": <really long api key>} then I save it as "All file" --> ".prs". Then when I attempted to runserver on Anaconda prompt, I got this screen (also attached the screenshot if url doesn't work):
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I am a bit unsure what the problem can be, did you put quotes around the api key? My file looks something like this:

{ "themoviedb_apikey": "789cc5b776f26222da0f0c69fdd0ff93" }

where the actual key is the same format, but a different code.
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Thank you, changing the "<" to the quotation fixed the problem!
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That is great, please let me know how it goes.