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I notice that, in general, the descriptions of the tooling processes are not very clear. It would be good, imho, to have a bulleted list in each chapter where tooling is discussed, and to annotate that list with the same symbols used to annotate the code samples. There is a lot of discussion of the steps of setting up the tooling, but as a purely text-based (i.e. reading the text), it can be pretty frustrating.

Also, I have been frustrated by having to go to previous chapters and search for tooling instructions there. More comprehensive instructions in each location would make reading easier and result in less hair-pulling.

Finally, the discussion of starting the server, changing ports, etc is missing altogether. The webpack-dev-server, introduced in Chapter 12, requires a start command which is not to be found (by me, at least)

Thanks. In general, this book is very helpful.
- Ray Clough