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Hello all,

I am trying to go through mentioned pages in order to achieve desired layout but I am not able. It seems that there is something missing in the description because when I go step by step I receive a mess not a proper layout for portrait and landscape.

In general from my point of view this book is too laconic or sometimes xcode behaves quite different from description.

It is my first attempt with creating app for iOS so it maybe the main problem.

Could you help me?

Kind regards,
Piotr Piotrowski
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Hi Piotr

Thanks for the post and sorry you're having trouble with the layout challenge. I decided to use laying out this app at this point as a challenge as we'd already gone over how to add constraints in a complex layout for this app in portrait orientation in chapter 6, and going over the steps again for a slight tweak to the layout in landscape orientation felt too repetitve.

Looking over this section again though, I can see how it could be frustrating if you can't resolve the challenge - constraints can definitely be complicated and frustrating (in fact if you read on into the stack views section I write: "Let’s be honest – auto layout and constraints can be a pain to deal with sometimes.") !!

And though there is a solution in the sizeclasses branch of the github repo, I think it would be great for readers to have some way of seeing the steps of how to arrive at the solution. I am currently working on video tutorials to accompany the book, and I am thinking solving this challenge would be a great candidate for a video. Would that help? When it is ready I will let you know here.

In the meantime, I'd say not to get too bogged down with this problem - it shouldn't hold you up from continuing on - in fact the stack views section will introduce you to an alternative approach which you will probably find much more straight-forward!

Good luck with it!
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Hi Craig,

thanks a lot for the answer.