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Sorry to sound like a bit of a grinch here........I realise that setting up the lab is a lengthy process, but I have now spent a day trying to get mine set up and still don't have a single VM ready. I've followed all the instructions in the book, and double checked, but I am still willing to bet that I have done something wrong rather than there being any errors in the procedure - after all, obviously many people have successfully set up their labs or this forum would be in meltdown.....but that doesn't help me. Between slow download speeds, problems with the Microsoft website making downloads difficult, thunderstorms cutting power (and hence, Internet access), this has been a thoroughly unenjoyable process. I really feel that if I had gone through a step by step process of preparing each VM manually, and installing all the components manually not only would I be up to about chapter 5 now, but I'd also have learnt a lot more.

Like I said - I'm sorry to sound like a grinch. From what I have seen of the book so far skimming through the chapters it looks really good, and I can't wait to start learning, but I'm stuck, with no obvious solution in sight. I could attempt to manually build the VMs, but I'm guessing there's a lot of behind the scenes work done in preparing and populating the environment by the build scripts, so if I blindly attempt to set up the lab I'm likely to waste just as much time as I have already.

Right now I'm stuck at the 'boot DC01 from the ISO' stage. I just get the entirely unhelpful message "the deployment Wizard was cancelled or did not complete succesfully".......great. What do I do with that?

If there's a manual series of steps that can be followed to prepare the environment would it be possible to post it here? I really could not be bothered trying to troubleshoot the time-consuming build process. I doubt that a manual build process could take any longer than the amount of time I have spent today.
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Hi Again,

I know the following link isn't related to the lab setup, but Niall know what he is talking about and really good at documenting the setup for SCCM, he recently made a new post about configuring SCCM ground up either by hand or done with PowerShell (automated).
Give it a look and maybe that will help you in your quest for doing the lab in a manual setup.

Best regards
Jan V.