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I'm assuming this is coming, but on page 94, the text says:

In the notebook entitled "<NOTEBOOK NAME>", you'll see a script to pre-process the MNIST dataset and load the rst 1000 images and labels into two numpy matrices called images and labels

Am I missing where this code is? I'd love to take a look at it.
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Yes, I hope you put up a github repo with code and datasets used in the book.
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Did anyone found out the missing code ?
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Yes indeed that would be nice
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Any update on the notebook/the code to read in the MNIST dataset?
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I'm still kind of stuck at this part of the book on how to import and prepare the dataset. Am I missing something, is there any place where I can go to find this notebook? Any help would be very appreciated. Otherwise, the book is really fantastic and fun to work through!
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I've asked him for a copy. Still waiting on it though.
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There is a similar project from a couple of years ago here:

He makes through 1D network for the MNIST problem here:

This shows what happens with the letter '0':

The part I had some trouble finding was how the 10 target neurons are set with the correct answers.

He also triggers the network to generate its own idea of a number. This is my major interest- it's the heart of style transfer.