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On chapter 5.4 you set up the hystric-core version to 1.0.2 in client's pom.


This version is quite old and as far as we're using Spring-cloud's BOM in version Camden.SR4 today, the version 1.0.2 conflicts with the bom's one which reference 1.5.6.
This is a huge gap between versions and the code sample you show in chapter 5.5 for customizing Hystrix's timeout no longer works with recent versions.

public List<License> getLicensesByOrg(String organizationId){
return licenseRepository.findByOrganizationId(organizationId);

Can you update this with a more recent version or eventually use from Hystrix?

Best regards,

Lucas (2) [Avatar] Offline
The corrected version with more recent version of Hystrix-core is:

@HystrixCommand(commandProperties = {
        @HystrixProperty(name = "execution.isolation.thread.timeoutInMilliseconds", value = "12000")
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Luca,

Thanks for letting me know I will take a look at. I began this book a little over e a year ago and the Hystrix chapter was one of the first chapters. Let me take a look. It might not get fixed right away because I am probably going to sweep through the book and update to camden at some point.

vyurik (76) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Lucas and John Carnell,
The final_code doesn't have hsytrix-core in any of the pom.xml.
On the other hand, hystrix-javanica version used is 1.5.9.
Does it mean that the issue noticed by Lucas has been solved?