Sébastien Portebois (6) [Avatar] Offline
Great book so far!

In chapter 2.1 I was puzzled by the sentence "solutions like Kubernetes or OpenStack that require operators to manage their own hardware”.
I'm not sure why Kubernetes is mentioned here, because it does not require operators to manage their own hardware.
The next sentence is “For the purpose of this book, we use AWS because it is the most popular and mature IaaS on the market.”, and it does make a lot of sense, but since we could use Kubernetes in AWS to manage our containers, or even AWS's own ECS service, I think the previous mention of Kubernetes is misleading and could make people that don't know what it is that it's a tool related to hardware, which it is not.
Julien Vehent (14) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks! I made a note to revisit this sentence.