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Hi John,

Really enjoying the book, especially the last chapter on Zuul. I have a question about running my Spring Cloud code in Cloud Foundry (specifically Pivotal Web Services).

If I have Ribbon doing my load balancing, then it seems that I do not need the router that is in Cloud Foundry. So, the first question is do you agree with that statement? And secondly, do you know how I can turn the Cloud Foundry router off?

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I think I've found the answer to my question. Looking forward to reading chapter 9 to see if John comes up with the same conclusion. According to this -, one has to turn CF Networking on to avoid going through the Gorouter.

If anyone else has deployed to Cloud Foundry (I'm using Pivotal Web Services) and has an opinion on this topic, please let me know.

Also, I found that the Cloud Foundry deployments that I know about (Pivotal Web Services and IBM Bluemix) do not currently support Docker containers.

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Update to my last post. I now have my Spring Cloud code (specifically Ribbon) working in Pivotal Web Services. Here is what needed to be done:

1. Have Pivotal allow container to container communication for my account
2. Install the network-policy-plugin
3. Use the allow-access command to allow direct communication from one container (microservice) to another

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Hi Jim,

Sorry I have been slacking on my posts (also I noticed I dont notified via email anymore when I get a new post). I ended up not doing anything with Pivotal because we added a couple more chapters and I felt that having two cloud providers was going to be overkill. So I went with the 800 lb gorilla in the room, AWS.

Thanks for submitting your comments and for your support. I almost done with the book (just finished the last chapter on Tuesday). Hopefully it will be out in July.

Thanks ,