Crahun (39) [Avatar] Offline
Good news that you are going to include ef and dapper as well. I like to have more options. Thanks.
Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
Glad to hear! Dapper is a really nice library. EF I can only introduce since there's so much to it.

Chapter 6 should MEAP soon.
carlosaortiz (28) [Avatar] Offline
What is EF?
What is Dapper?
Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
EF is Entity Framework. EF and Dapper are Object-Relational Mappers. They should be publishing chapter 6 to MEAP soon.
bhanafee (14) [Avatar] Offline
When you describe Dapper, you might want to clarify that it's not related to the Google tracing infrastructure with the same name.