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Hi All,

Bought this book a few weeks ago and having been enjoying the read so far smilie

Am wanting to follow along with the Lab stuff, I've put the task sequences ISO together in MDT. DC01 and Client01 complete fine, no errors, but am having an issue with CM01. It fails with 17 errors and 7 warnings. The deployment summary screen states that its the "Set SQL Server Memory Usage" step has failed with value 1. Errors to do with failing to open keys. Also says it has failed on the install configmgr step, system cannot find the specified file?

I do have a working knowledge of SCCM, not so much MDT though, from what I can see its log file is in the c:\temp folder. Cant see any failures in there though. SCCM does launch and status of components seems OK. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?

I have this running in a hyper-v environment with 16GB RAM assigned.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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I too am experiencing the exact same issue. Using Hyper-V and the DC01 virtual machine was created successfully but have the same errors being generated when trying to create the CM01 virtual machine. Would really like to be able to use this lab environment and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I should have looked at some other topics...found this one and after looking my virtual machine has successfully installed everything even though I get an MDT Deployment error.