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39590 (3) [Avatar] Offline
if-expression does-not require indentation following new-lines, but functions do? Why?

> if 1 /= 2 then \
| "yay" \
| else \
| "nay"
"yay" : String

> f x = \
| x
-- SYNTAX PROBLEM -------------------------------------------- repl-temp-000.elm

The = operator is reserved for defining variables. Maybe you want == instead? Or
maybe you are defining a variable, but there is whitespace before it?

3|   f x = 
Maybe <> can help you figure it out.

> f x = \
|   x
<function> : a -> a
Danny G (3) [Avatar] Offline
I'm not a huge fan of the title of this post BTW... but to your problem:

I was able to reproduce, but it looks like adding a space on the second line makes it work. I agree the error you posted is misleading.
> f x = \
|   x
<function> : a -> a

I'd also be careful in general when writing "long" functions and using the '\' symbol. It is often used for anonymous function definitions.
doubler = \x -> x * 2