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On page 10 the author talks about if-expressions, and presents code on multiple lines.

However, the REPL responds thusly:

> elf = 1
1 : number
> if elf == 1 then
-- SYNTAX PROBLEM -------------------------------------------- repl-temp-000.elm

I need whitespace, but got stuck on what looks like a new declaration. You are
either missing some stuff in the declaration above or just need to add some
spaces here:

4| elf = 1
I am looking for one of the following things:


3 points:

1. The author needs to declare that a \ character is used to enter multiple lines into Elm's REPL.
2. The fact that I need to enter \ is crappy on Elm's part. Ruby figures out what I am doing and does the right thing.
3. Contrary to the author's repeated claims, and unfortunately, John Carmack's alleged claim, that error message is crap.


The author mentions adding \ to multiple lines on page-13. Add it to page-10.