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Do you plan to write a chapter about the views, iOS constraints, axml and other things like these?
Thanks in advance. Very interesting book.
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Yup, chapter 9 will cover views on Android, chapter 10 will cover iOS.

These chapters will focus on the UI components, so cover Android layouts using both the designer and editing the source directly, and iOS storyboards in the designer. For iOS this will include autolayout and constraints.

There won't be much focus on Activities and ViewControllers - after all using MVVM means we can abstract a lot of the logic that would be in these code behind classes into our view models.
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All right. I was confused because of the index calls it "specific code". I was looking for more specific words like "views" or "design" instead. Thanks
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Totally understand the confusion, so I'm going to rename the chapters.


9. Building platform specific views - Android
10. Building platform specific views - iOS

seem clearer do you think?
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Yes, no confusion posible now. It seemed to refer to the usage of Androd and IOs Apis before. Thanks