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ssharma (51) [Avatar] Offline
I do not see Mobi and epub formats for this book? There is only PDF format available under my account.

Can you please upload the Mobi format ASAP?

Andrew Betts (15) [Avatar] Offline
I'm pretty sure those will not be available until after the book is finished. That's been my experience with many MEAPs.
Andrew Trask (Grokking Deep Learning Author) (26) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, I believe those come after MEAP
sholay (2) [Avatar] Offline
Eagerly waiting for mobi or kindle version. Hoping it is provided at the earliest.
396159 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I have more than 10 meaps and this is the only one that doesn't have mobi and epub. I guess there are some reason but it is not something that seems to be a general rule. Since I don't read unless the page zooms and reformat (read mostly on my phone) the book will be unread untill a more friendly format is used.
diegonc (5) [Avatar] Offline
There seems to be some issue with this book, I have other two MEAPs
and they both offer ePub and kindle version.

Also, the book front page at Manning says

MEAP Combo -> pBook + PDF
MEAP eBook -> PDF only

I bought the combo version but it would be a pitty if it remains
unreadable in portable devices.
ssharma (51) [Avatar] Offline

I do not see any reply from Manning or Author??
Matt Fahrner (2) [Avatar] Offline
Ditto here - see PDF only. Would like to see EPUB or at least MOBI.
mickdelaney (7) [Avatar] Offline
+1 on mobile format, i read on my phone, kindle & ipad smilie
Daniel_ (5) [Avatar] Offline
I want epub format to be able to read it in my e-reader. I don't want lose my eyes reading PDF format in a tablet.
376034 (11) [Avatar] Offline
I hope there will be a ebook format. PDF is too difficult to read on the phone
7621 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Please, please add mobi format.
456712 (7) [Avatar] Offline
Matt Fahrner (2) [Avatar] Offline
Please do provide EPUB and MOBI for those who prefer it - it makes a big difference.

504886 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I did a quick convert from PDF to ePub using Calibre, with the default settings it converted rather easily, and I can now read the ePub format on my Moto 5G:
gfred (8) [Avatar] Offline
For those using Android devices; calibre didn't quite convert the PDF to epub in a very nice fashion for me(the book has a lot of diagrams and it gets messed up in the process). However, I uploaded the book to Google Books app on my device and it became much comfortable to read, just like you'd have with epub.
307410 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Still waiting for the Kindle and pub versions. Whats going on here?
gfred (8) [Avatar] Offline
Well, according to this tweet:

MEAPs from the Grokking series are only available in PDF. They are PDF-only products during the meap. A final edition will be available in all formats.