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what is the code command for "medianincome" ?

medianincome is a data frame of median income by state.

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That code is from 00049_example_4.5_of_section_4.1.2 which can be found here: https://github.com/WinVector/zmPDSwR/blob/master/CodeExamples/c04_Managing_data/00049_example_4.5_of_section_4.1.2.R .

The additional variables and functions you need won't be present unless you run the previous steps (all found here: https://github.com/WinVector/zmPDSwR/tree/master/CodeExamples/c04_Managing_data ). And you can also download all of the code examples as a zip file from here: https://github.com/WinVector/zmPDSwR/raw/master/CodeExamples.zip . Or you can even copy or clone all of the notes and examples from the book from here: https://github.com/WinVector/zmPDSwR (requires reading Github clone or down load instructions, mostly look for the "Clone or download" button in the top right).