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16    Useful collection functions
"Now that you’ve you have a reasonable high-level understanding of collections in F#...."

"Each operation we cover will have a simple example associated with it, alongside some typical use cases and equivalents in both imperative coding and LINQ (if it exists).{missing a space}Go through every example in a script yourself rather than simply reading them – you’ll only learn these effectively through practical experience."

16.1   Mapping Functions
"Mapping functions are those that take a collection of items, and return another rcollection of items."

16.1.1   Map
"A common approach to performing the same operation with a loop is to first manually create an empty output collection, write a for loop to iterate of the collection..."

16.1.2   Iter
"This is a side effect, and there’s no tangible output for each output – just unit."
"There is no real direct equivalent to iter in LINQ" {redundant?}

16.1.4   Pairwise
"Pairwise takes a list, and returns a new list of{space}tuples pairs of the original adjacent items."

16.6   Summary
"please do go through all these examples yourself, executing all the pipelines incrementally – execute just the first line, then the first two lines etc. etc. and observing the outputs in FSI." {while I agree completely that this is the best way to learn, this imperative is likely to be most effective at the beginning of the chapter}
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Thanks, all done!