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I'm a bit puzzled by Figure 2.24. Shouldn't there be four (not two) green DOM element circles in the top left panel? And shouldn't "selection" be called something like "binding"? And maybe the selection/binding should also be shown for the still existing DOM nodes in the panels on the right hand side?
elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, you're right, that figure should show four elements on the top left, I'll go fix that. As for selection vs binding, data-binding is the main function of a selection in D3, if you're just using it as syntactic sugar for vanilla JS selecting then that doesn't need any real explanation, so I think referring to selections and enter/exit/update syntax will better serve readers.
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The 'update' boxes are not explained.
elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
I added a sentence explaining that updating isn't a separate function.