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"Relying party" is misspelt.

Note: for a non-native speaker, there is some confusion about the concept of 'relying' vs 'relaying' smilie
Justin Richer (50) [Avatar] Offline
Good catch, thanks -- we'll try to get the diagram updated before final printing.

And yes it's a confusing term, but unfortunately we didn't invent them. smilie
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You should probably consider introducing the notion of relying party earlier in the book, since it has an important role to play with OAuth2.
Justin Richer (50) [Avatar] Offline
"Relying party" is a federated identity term and it has nothing to do with core OAuth 2. The proper term in the OAuth world is "client", which we use throughout the book. Therefore, we introduce the new term "relying party" in the chapter about identity systems where it more properly belongs.
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Thank you for your explanation.

You did a tremendous job explaining OAuth2 -- I read the book from end-to-end in one rush.