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Listing 13.4 Consuming a higher order function
{code deals with customers, but variables are declared "evenNumbers" and "evenNumbersLambda"}

Java’s approach to functions
By this time, the "single method interface" was so common that the designers of Java opted to simple make single method interfaces implicitly compatible with lambda function signatures – in effect, all single methods interfaces are treated as potential lambda expressions.

13.3   Implementing higher order functions in F#
Whilst C# and VB .Net (and the BCL) have a kind of mish-mash of both strategies – you’ll see newer interfaces that were added to the BCL e.g. the Task Parallel Library {which?} favour lambdas and higher order functions, whilst older methods favour interfacts and classes - F#’s built-in libraries on the other hand almost exclusively focuses on higher order functions.

Listing 13.6 Injecting dependencies into functions
let printCustomerAge writer customer = {until now, you have asked that the function be called printCustomer}

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