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I'm wondering whether the author monitors this forum. The last time he responded to a reader was September 21. Manning, what's going on?
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Just to add that I do take author engagement seriously when deciding to buy a MEAP book. And I haven't bought this one. I do currently have four MEAP books in my account, plus another ten completed Manning ebooks. And several other shop-bought Manning books.

One of my main concerns with this MEAP book has been how the author didn't respond to a forum poster's claim that the code doesn't follow the "React Native Way". The author did respond, but not comprehensively. I don't mind if the author argues his case with a forum poster, but I do mind when he doesn't seem to have an opinion.

I don't think the author responded to any other questions, including "when is the next chapter out", "where is the code repository", etc.

(I like Manning Publications, but it does occasionally put out stinkers, such as the "Neo4j in Action" book, which was publishing when it was 2.x technology, but used 1.x syntax and a 0.x mindset. The author also failed to engage with forum users' concerns during the writing of the book. Manning should have canceled it before it was released, or at least changed its title.)

Anyway, preaching to the converted here, and perhaps not the author... But if you are reading this, please engage. We're here to help you!
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Hello! Yes, as far as the React Way, I have written this book to follow what are in my opinion community and overall React Native / JavaScript best practices, including using stateless components whenever possible as well as moving towards only classes when creating stateful components.

I am aware there are a lot of opinions out there, and I would love to respond to the reader's question more in depth, but I have not yet heard back from her / him!

I apologize if my responses were not timely, I am bookmarking this to check in daily now and will reach out to Manning to see if I can begin receiving emails when there is new activity here.

If anyone would like immediate responses, please email me at dabit3@gmail.com or on Twitter @dabit3, I would love to help out asap and anytime!
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Good enough!

I noticed that your blog posts are quite opinionated on React Native, in a good way. But the book seems to be quite vanilla in its approach, judging from the contents page. Hope there's room for lots of opinion too, even if only in sidebars.