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If I have version 2 of the book, its worth it to buy the third edition ?


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I just currently started reading 2 and would like to know this also. I compared the structured layout of the two books and they are very similar till you get to the end, but looks like it covers all of the same topics. What is in this that will make me purchase 3 and move to reading it as it comes out vs. sticking with the version I already purchased?.
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I too, would appreciate a summary of why to buy V3
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Hello all, so sorry for the long delay in responding.

The key differences between the 2nd and 3rd editions are 1) coverage of some features as of 3.6 that weren't in Python 3.3, like f-strings (however, coroutines and asyncio are not dealt with much, as those topics are too complex for a quick summary treatment); 2) the addition of quick checks and small exercises throughout the chapters, and lab exercises at the ends of chapters; and 3) the change of the last 5 chapters to deal with data handling rather than web/database applications. An ebook version of the 2nd edition will be available to those who buy the 2nd edition.

So is it worth it if you already have the 2nd edition? I guess that depends on what you value. The information is largely the same... the 3rd edition is definitely fresher.