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Hi Jeff

Just bought the book & am quite excited to get into it. I quickly looked through it & didn't find anything on real time data, Kafka or reactive streams. Are these topics you plan to cover moving forward?

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The main point at which real-time data processing systems become of relevance to machine learning systems is when they're acting/responding/classifying in response to user data. That's the topic of the just released Chapter 8.

Also, some of the ideas behind Kafka (e.g. immutable data) are pretty fundamental to the book and are introduced in the chapter on data collection (Chapter 3) and referenced throughout.

Finally, there are some interesting possibilities with things like online learning that you can definitely do with MLlib and other tools that you'll see in the book. As for how much of that stuff is going to make it into the remainder of the book (Part 3), we're still trying to more tightly define that. Definitely some more fun stuff to come; just not 100% sure of which areas will be highlighted.
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Thanks Jeff. Sounds great.