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Hi all,
First, let me congratulate on such a great book - it's the perfect balance of new technologies (scala/akka/spark) with interesting topic - ML.

I am very newbie on all this (but very experienced java developer), and running into issues trying to run the provided code (chapters 2-5 so far). I'm using IntelliJ, but even after the IDE brings all the SBT dependencies, the code still doesn't run.

are there more detailed info on how to run the provided code?

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In general, all of the code in the book is runnable as is unless explicitly noted as pseudo-code. Sometimes there is relevant detail in the GitHub repo (around things like builds and dependencies) that might be necessary. I've recently added some materials around how to run code in the recently released Chapter 8. Maybe check that out and see if it helps?

You're also welcome to post more detail around your difficulties to see if I or anyone can help. As is, I'm not quite sure what the nature of your difficulties is.