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309108 (8) [Avatar] Offline

I just noticed this new book and quickly browsed through the first sample chapter. Interested in reading more, but not sure if this is only going to cover front-end PWA development or also touch on topics related to developing the back-end side of web apps. Aside from service workers, there wasn't any mention of what tools and frameworks you'll be using in the book description or the free sample chapter, so hope you can clarify.

Also, does this book assume you already have a working mobile app or web app (possibly SPA?) with an existing back-end service (REST? Streaming? Mobile push notifications?) that you want to convert to a PWA? Will the book cover topics related to isomorphic apps or hybrid mobile/html apps and how to possibly make them more "progressive" as well?

Thanks in advance!
dean.hume (6) [Avatar] Offline
Hi - thank you for your questions!

This book focusses on PWA development as a whole and the majority of the topics relate to front end code. In later chapters we do dive into server side code in order to send push messages to the client. Most of the code related to building PWA's takes place on the client and that is where this book focusses.

I tried to write the book in a way that enables the developer to pick up from any chapter. If there is a specific feature that you like then you can just implement that from a specific chapter - regardless of whether you have an existing web app or not!

I hope that helps answer your questions - please let me know if you have any more.