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Just a note to any readers out there who are perusing chapter 2: A change has occurred in the Chrome dev tools after having gone to print. The "Timeline" tab is now labeled "Performance". This hasn't dropped in the mainstream release yet, but it has changed in Canary, so it's forthcoming. Chrome is currently at version 55, and Canary is at 57.

There is also a new interface for recording when you open the pane. You can choose "Basic" or "Advanced". You can choose either to capture different kinds of data, but the resultant interface and how you interact with the timeline recording is largely similar how it is described in the book.

Some things cannot be foreseen when writing a book, especially when it comes to things that change so often such as browser dev tools, but the general gist of the relevant section of chapter 2 should hold-- at least for a little while!

If you have questions, please ask! I will do my best answer them!