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To generate the dashboard component, the following is provided:

ng generate component component/dashboard

should read:

ng generate component components/dashboard
Lorin S (45) [Avatar] Offline
Building the dashboard.component.ts file, the ngOnInit and ngOnDestory methods reference this.subscription, which has not been defined. The page fails with compilation errors.
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When adding the "manage" widget to the main page, the text errantly instructs to edit the src/index.html and then lists content to be modified in the app.component.html file.
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The ng generate command creates elements with the app-, kebab leader. e.g. app-dashboard. The code in the book references using <dashboard>... In order to use the generated code, the HTML would have to reference the <app-dashboard> tag or alter the selector.
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the notes.

* Fixed the components pluralization for the next release
* The subscription see here https://forums.manning.com/posts/list/39748.page
* Fixed the file listing for index.html for the next release
* The `app-` prefix is generated by default, but the code listings I provide remove it. You are right though, if you left the `app-` prefix you would need to declare the HTML with it as well.