octavio08 (8) [Avatar] Offline
The code doesn’t compile.


let smaller, larger = List.partition (fun number -> number> firstElement) restofArray

should be:

let smaller, larger = List.partition (fun number -> number> firstElement) restOfArray


quicksortSequential smaller @ number :: quicksortSequential larger

should be:

quicksortSequential smaller @ firstElement :: quicksortSequential larger

Similar errors in Listing 1.2 and Listing 1.3

Additionally, in Listing 1.3:

quicksortParallelWithDepth depth smaller
quicksortParallelWithDepth depth larger

I think it should be:

quicksortParallelWithDepth depth smaller @ firstElement :: quicksortParallelWithDepth depth larger

Riccardo Terrell (30) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the catch!
Something got lost porting the code to the text editor, which have introduced some typos.
like restofArray and restOfArray.

Regarding code listing 1.3 you are correct, the line got broken due to code annotation #C (I think).
In fact, I noticed that the `restOfArray` is broken into `restof Array`

Ultimately, these code annotation will be printed differently without impacting the code.

I will apply the corrections
Thank you