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Thanks for writing such a nice book on RxJS. I hope you don't mind if I make a few suggestions, though.

1. You are demanding quite a bit of patience from your readers, given that they have to wait until Chapter 3 before they get to see the first RxJS code. It might make sense to whet the appetite by including a small RxJS program in the first chapter. The drag-and-drop example might be a good candidate.

2. While I can understand that you don't want to re-invent the wheel and duplicate the RxJS reference on all the operators, I still feel that including a list of all operators might make sense. It increases the chance that readers actually take note of what is available out there...

3. I think you could spend more time on explaining how to model data and data interactions. Another book on RxJS develops a simple arcade game as an example (where a hero can shoot alien spaceships and vice versa), and an example like that might help to wrap your mind round a larger RxJS project.

4. The first RxJS construct to be used in a book on Angular 2 I'm reading happens to be a BehaviorSubject. As such I think it would make good sense to include subjects in the book (rather than just providing links to documentation), and there would be no harm in doing this earlier than in chapter 8.

5. It would be great if the installation instructions include some notes on npm, TypeScript etc. It might, for example, help to point out "import 'rxjs'" makes all operators available, and that you can install the TypeScript definitions for Ramda with "npm install @types/ramda".

Again, thanks for the book. I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
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Thanks for these suggestions!

Paul and I will take them one by one and create some actions from these.