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420469 (1) [Avatar] Offline
As a backend(Rails, Go) dev who hates CSS even more than Javascript smilie
I was trying to code the styles in listing 2.4 using elm-css instead of the styles in the style tag.
I was not successful though when opening the index.html, the page has no style.
I get no compile errors, any idea why its not referencing the styles correctly?

The book looks great so far, keep ups the good work!
I love that in elm I can use functions to write html, instead of another ugly markup like jsx. (And I thought React was a huge improvement over Angular!!)
Do you plan on covering elm-css later in the book? (if not please add a chapter)
stephenc (22) [Avatar] Offline
The Elm ecosystem is moving quickly.

An alternative to elm-css is style elements (, which takes a different approach to CSS in Elm projects. It's a somewhat opinionated approach, because it offers a subset of CSS. Think CSS - The Good Parts so to speak, with sensible defaults.