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264347 (6) [Avatar] Offline

Really liking the MEAP and looking forward to the release of the next chapter(s). I've forked the repo but unfortunately it won't build on CircleCI.

Basicaly, if you look at the output of the CircleCI build, under the MACHINE section, you get a subsection entitled 'Exporting env vars from circle.yml' just before a subsection entitled 'Exporting env vars from project settings'.

The following line in the circle.yml will therefore not evaluate as expected:

DOCKER_REPO: "$(if [ $CIRCLE_PROJECT_USERNAME == 'Securing-DevOps' ]; then echo securingdevops; else echo $DOCKER_USER; fi)"

The DOCKER_USER environment variable hasn't been set yet...

I've very limited experience with CircleCI, but I think the the only thing you can do if to also set DOCKER_REPO as a project environment variable in CircleCI.

I've added this as an issue ( and will submit a pull request in the next day or two.


264347 (6) [Avatar] Offline
I've created a pull request to resolve the environment variable issue.

Unfortunately the build has failed again due to out dated dependencies - I'll push a change set to resolve that too.
Julien Vehent (14) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the report. The issue should now be fixed upstream.
264347 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, I'll check it out later today.
264347 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Just rebased my fork of, I get a green build on Circle CI and the docker image has been uploaded to my Docker Hub account.

During the docker build I did however notice something that looked like an error (even though it didn't break the build):

Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
	Full Name []: 	Room Number []: 	Work Phone []: 	Home Phone []: 	Other []: Use of uninitialized value $answer in chop at /usr/sbin/adduser line 582.
Use of uninitialized value $answer in pattern match (m//) at /usr/sbin/adduser line 583.
Is the information correct? [Y/n]  ---> 1b0a1d493e1b

Also, after every step in the docker build there was an error removing the intermediate container:
nosuchcontainer: no such id:
But like I said, this didn't prevent the build from succeeding.