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Consider `ManagerCommand(cmd: Command, id: Long, replyTo: ActorRef)`:

1. I'm assuming that the purpose of the replyTo is so that the receiving actor is oblivious to the message strategy. The receiving actor shouldn't have to "think" about it's place in the actor system, and just send the reply where it's told. If this is correct, how do I get a reference to self() from inside the Akka HTTP route that I'm initially sending it? I like the concept, because I want the replyTo to be the HTTP route from whence I sent it. (Inside a regular Actor, this is easy - just use self())
2. is the id in the MC so that the sending actor can track the messages it sends so that it can collate the replies when they return?
3. Is it possible the complete code for Chapter 17 already exists, since the snippets are in the book? If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to see it on github.