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I have a feeling that in the current MEAP version (v10,pdf, page 84) formula is missing after the "Implicit rating of the item i for user u" sentence.
Kim Falk (25) [Avatar] Offline
Good spot smilie I am not sure what has happened, it's in the original document. Please have a look at the picture attached, which shows the formula.

Thank you! Please let me know if you find anything else that has slipped through.
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Thanks for the screenshot , but is it correct that the last element of the sum coming with the minus?
Kim Falk (25) [Avatar] Offline
No it should be a plus. So maybe that's why the system took it out smilie. I will correct it and make sure its there next version.

Thanks again.
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Something went wrong at page 152: image
Kim Falk (25) [Avatar] Offline
The expression in the middle should be removed. Is that what you are referring to? Or do you think there is something else wrong?

(okay, that and the boxes which MS word have been kind enough to leave.)
Andriy S. (4) [Avatar] Offline
I mean the empty dotted squares where I thought the number should be. Or was it done on purpose?
Kim Falk (25) [Avatar] Offline
No, its words funny functionality for making equations that made them. I have redone the expressions.

Thank you for pointing it out.