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Last update for the book was in October. When will the book finally be published?
Justin Richer (51) [Avatar] Offline
We don't know a specific date, to be honest! We keep getting dates from the publisher but it keeps getting pushed back and we (the authors) haven't been given a reason why. Believe me, it's frustrating for us as well, and we're just as eager, if not more so, to have this book finished and available for you all!

It's been in the final production stages for months now, and unfortunately that process is pretty dark to us. We were told October 1, then October 14, and so on. The latest we've been told is that it's going to ours this week (early December), but I'm afraid I can't guarantee that either since we've been told that it's imminent before, only to have it pushed back without explanation. We're very sorry for the continual delay and we wish there were something we could do or some information we could give you. Thank you for your patience, and know that it's coming soon!
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the delays on the publishing of this book is putting me completely off to buy further MEAP's from Manning
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Mike with Manning here. We experienced some unexpected hiccups in the layout and printing of OAuth 2 in Action which, fortunately, have been resolved. This book will be on the printing presses by February 15, and will be shipping from our warehouse around February 25. You'll be able to download the final eBook on or before February 22.

We strive always to balance offering the highest possible quality against getting finished books to you as soon as possible.

We apologize for the delay, and we hope you'll be very happy with the final result.
Andreas Falk (6) [Avatar] Offline
Now it is February 27 and still no final ebook available...
When will we FINALLY be able to get the final version now?

You're doing layouting stuff for months now.
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The Ebook version is already selling... When do you suppose we will be able to buy the paper edition?
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This is getting ridiculous... I am giving up on having a paper copy of this book ever... What a pity... I was a paying costumer...
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I'm wondering when we're going to see an ebook format other than .pdf. C'mon, people, what are you doing over there? You announce lots of new books, but now you have our money, it takes forever to get the books we ordered in the format we want.

By my count, it's been a month since the book was released